What We Do

We are one of the industry’s most trusted sources for aircraft instrument repair, overhaul, testing and calibration. We also offer a variety of new and used certified avionics available for sale and exchange.

Our Main Activities

  • Aircraft instrument repairing
  • Overhaul exchange
  • Calibration
  • Test & Measurements


Over time, wear and tear can affect the reliability of your avionics. Our task is to re-establish that reliability through extensive diagnostic and trouble shooting. Our maintenance practices will ensure that your avionics are returned to you airworthy in a timely fashion.


Our goal is to minimize your downtime and maximize cost effectiveness.

Few Words About Us

Most aircraft are equipped with a standard set of flight instruments which give the pilot information about the aircraft's attitude, airspeed, and altitude.

Those devices require a periodic calibration and maintenance. Also repairing is necessary when anomalies are observed.  


Since 1988, AERONEUF INSTRUMENTS Ltd. has proudly provided an evolving array of support services for the repair, measurement, calibration, and overhaul of avionics and instrumentation. Our services have supported the commercial, private and military sectors of the aeronautical industry for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Trusted by hundreds of manufacturers in aeronautical industry, our corporate is synonymous with high quality, innovation and value added. We are committed to provide reliable, timely and professional technical support to all of our customers.

Our mission is to always operate under strict specifications of the aero spatial industry and our concern for quality is a value deeply rooted in our employee’s mentality.

We believe in our employees and we value their contribution in providing them a stimulating work environment. Our success is truly the result of a team of highly qualified and dedicated people that works together with successfully results in a booming industry.

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